Thursday, May 17, 2012


My mind is constantly spinning and swirling with goals and achievements I want to accomplish.  It's not a bad thing, but I find that I can't think of anything else other than my goals. It becomes an obsession.  I feel like when I'm super focused on what I want, that is when people catch on and start trying to be competitive with me.  The thing about this is I've been like this my whole life. People constantly think I'm trying to compete when in fact the only thing in my mind is my goal and not anyone or anything else.  All I'm worried about at this point in my life is my household and long term goals.  I'm still trying to run my house to the best of my ability while running 4 businesses.  I have another idea for another small business that I want to progress on over the next year and this is yet another obsession. Haha! People LOVE to pick on me because of my jobs and what I do for a living. They roll there eyes and say..."All you're doing is playing music, recording tutorials, selling scentsy...ect." Look...I don't sit around saying my jobs are difficult, but I will not make any apologies for what I've chosen to do either. It is not my fault that I was smart and took all of my interests and made them into lucrative businesses is it??? DJing is such a fun job. I <3 music and what I do. But, the flip side is that I am constantly out. It's exhausting. Anyone who parties or is up until 2-4 am 4-5 days a week becomes exhausted. Not only that, but I have been trained to have immaculate hair and make-up for performance which takes me 2 hours to do. Imagine having to host the party and keep people spending money and having fun on top of being up late. That is my job. 
My typical day goes something like this: Wake up, check ALL messages (2 facebooks, Youtube, 2 emails, twitter, etc.) respond to all, check Scentsy &Velata workstations, edit a video (1-2 times a week) upload, Respond to scentsy clients, check scentsy/Velata planner, drop husband off at work, set up equipment on some days, come home and EAT, do full on hair and make-up, drive to work, DJ/ karaoke for 4 hours, come home, eat, clean up, play with pets, check more messages, wash makeup off go to bed!
Sunday is my only day where I chill out and allow myself to get away from my obligations. Mondays I clean my entire house top to bottom.  In no way am I complaining. I LOVE everything I do and I am blessed. But, I am so sick of people judging my life as if it's the simplest thing in the world when in fact I have to work very hard at everything I do. I would not make money if I did not promote myself in every single thing that I did.  Promotion is key to getting any business off of the ground. I am never sure if I will lose one if not all of my DJ gigs in a single day, if I will have happy customers and if I will have viewers on my Youtube channel. These are all jobs that I've taken risks on and choose to keep doing because I believe in myself. I only believe all of these things will keep getting BIGGER and BETTER! So...with all this stress, work, and judgement on my shoulders, I know that God has my back and will help me to succeed in whatever I do. I think everyone should take risks with their creativity and interests and try to make a business out of them. After all..the saying goes..."Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." 

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