Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today I picked up one of my favorite tabloid magazines that I bought over 2 weeks ago and forgot about. While I was reading I realized that I am so behind on my favorite celebrities. Jessica Simpson had her baby...Beyonce's lost her baby weight, Drew Barrymore is pregos, Miley is scary skinny, and Brad and Angelina got engaged. WTF? Normally every week I would go out and buy my 2 favorite magazines and read them the first day I got them. I'm not upset to be so behind. I'm just so shocked at how little I cared and how uninterested I felt while reading all of this. My books have replaced my magazines and my books have given me so much knowledge that I could care less about what else is going on around me. I say this because the books I've been reading have been spiritual, self help, or business oriented books. Since reading these I feel like things have been happening for me. My businesses are improving, my  way of thinking is changing, and I'm feeling so much more positive. Normally when someone would give me the details of some scandal happening where I work (example) or with someone I don't even know, it would be interesting to me. I would listen and again I was usually the last person to know the latest gossip because I try not poke around in people's business. 

As of lately...I feel almost as if any sort of gossip has been a complete turn off for me. I don't care about what other people are doing and I don't care what other people's problems are. For the most part I would listen to people gossip because I am a sympathetic person. I always felt like I had to be there problem solver. Over the past 2 years I have told myself that I can not do that anymore and have been successful at not fighting other people's battles. Therefore I am just a listener and my life has been 75% drama free. It's not that I don't want to listen to people's "personal" problems, I just don't want to listen to them talk about other people's personal issues. Who cares? I see people go on and on every single day on Facebook about what other people post and how much they hate it, make fun of people, etc and all I can think is...why are these people so concerned and feel the need to talk about what other people do? Obviously if we have to sit and talk about other people's lives then we don't have one of our own. I feel like I'm so focused on my goals at the moment that every thing else just seems like a blur. I like it that way. I like giving myself goals and actually reaching them. I like focusing on my businesses, my house hold, my husband, and myself. I've been praying so hard for God to remove people from my life who will distract me from my goals and viola..so many people aren't around as much.  I want to surround myself with successful and genuinely happy people. I would rather have one happy, positive and supportive friend any day than have a ton of fake people surround me.  All in all I have given myself a new goal. A BIG one and I plan on reaching it. I know God has given me blinders for the moment so I can keep my eyes on the prize. 

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  1. Ohhh Hayley! I couldn't agree more! I was just telling someone yesterday about how out of touch I feel with pop culture lol. I used to have all the magazines and be on TMZ all the time! I knew everything about everyone. Now I don't have a clue and don't care. Like what do I gain from knowing celebrity gossip? Nothing. Sure it gives me something to talk about with people but wouldn't I rather have more meaningful conversations? Anyway, great post! And good for you for all the reading and clearing drama from your life!:)