Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome :)

Welcome to my new Blog!
This will more than likely have nothing to do with beauty, fashion, or anything of that sort. When Myspace was the "in" thing I used to love the blog feature and would write almost everyday. For some reason or another people were interested in reading my thoughts and I had almost 30,000 views on my Myspace Blog alone. I feel as though some of my most random thoughts while going to bed or during rare moments of solitude are the most important messages I seem to receive. Sometimes I feel like I've lived a previous life and know things that I shouldn't or I give advice that is way beyond my years. I also feel like a lot of people assume things of me yet know nothing about me at all. I am not shy to share my thoughts with anyone (especially on paper or in blogs) so I felt it was time to take up writing these lovely and random "Thoughts that cross my mind." Take this blog as sort of a personal diary where you will get to learn things about me that I may not even share with the people around me in my day to day life. Sometimes my blogs can tend to get a bit subliminal and have to be figured out which I will apologize for up front. :) Other times I'm straight and to the point and just have things to get off of my chest. All in all...My blogs go straight from my mind to my finger tips and aren't edited or censored. Welcome to my new journey!

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