Thursday, June 16, 2011

I remember....

I figure I'll start at the beginning. My first memories are of me in a two bedroom apartment with my parents. I can even remember sitting in my high chair in the kitchen and eating peas! In these early memories I can't remember many people being around except for my parents. All I remember is our neighbor Olga who was an elderly lady who has already passed. I remember my mom sending me to her apartment with oranges or limes and her watching me through the window to make sure I got there okay. I can remember smashing a blue bar of soap into my hair when my mom wasn't looking while taking a bath and her having to clean the mess out of my scalp. I also remember getting shampoo in my eyes and not being able to see for days. My father (who was disabled) attempted to give me a bath or a shower and that's when the shampoo accidentally got into my eyes making my vision completely blurry for 3 days. My mom says my eyes were bloodshot red.  It was horrible and to this day when shampoo streams down my face during a shower I clench my eyes shut in fear that it will get into my eyes. Haha! I had a blue blanket which now a days would look completely old school with those long soft fibers on it that were really in style in the 80's. It had white almost tye dyed looking circles on it. I can't really remember my bedroom much, but I do remember my bed being a dark wood framed twin bed. I always remember being taught something or trying to copy what people would do. My mom used to sit on the corner of the couch and read magazines and when I would try to do it I would fall asleep with a magazine spread on my lap because I didn't know how to read and I imagine trying to imitate someone can get really tiring and boring. Hmmm...Sounds familiar to a lot of adults huh? Haha! I can remember reciting my alphabet in the living room as my parents clapped for me. It's kind of weird...but I remember things always being dark. I know they say that children see in black and white until a certain age and thinking back on all these memories makes me want to say that this is kind of true because I rarely remember color. I don't remember hardly any color except for my blue blanket and a few other things. Now that I'm going through these memories in my head I can remember waking up in a yellow shirt with a pamper on! It's crazy what the mind will recall. I think it's a little miraculous that I can remember things like sitting in a high chair or wearing a pamper. I don't remember how it felt...but I can remember it. I haven't met many people who can recall these little details of their life. I always remember feeling awkward, shy, and scared. I don't know why I felt this way. I think probably because my dad was really strict about manners and being very lady like. I assume I was always a little freaked out to make a wrong move in fear of being corrected. To this day I eat with a napkin on my lap, with my legs closed, and no elbows on the table. 

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