Tuesday, June 21, 2011


If you've noticed a little theme in my blogs lately, you're probably right. I've been talking a lot about negativity and negative people and giving you all my point of view on specific topics that deal with it and also how I've eliminated it in my life. I will not always write about this stuff, but I feel a strong urge to do so since I'm always asked for friend and relationship advice. You'll probably read specific stories later on down the road and learn why I think the way I do. Anyways...I want to attack the subject of Jealousy. I don't get it and I probably never will. Well...I do get it, but I don't get why people get jealous when there's nothing for them to be jealous about. Before we talk about that...I want to us to be in our own shoes for a second. Think back and remember a time you've been jealous and think of how you felt. Let's make an example. Your significant other starts up a conversation with someone in a crowded setting. Whether your gay or straight or whatever...just pretend this other person is smoking hot. More than likely you would get jealous. Why? Because you possibly begin to feel inadequate, intimidated, and almost embarrassed that you won't be good enough to even walk up and interrupt this little party. This is called insecurity and insecurity is what makes people jealous. We start to think we don't measure up which leads us to get jealous. Now...if this scenario happens and you don't feel a twinge of jealousy and you walk over there with your hot little self, this is because you are confident, secure, and you know that you have a ton to offer. My point is that people get JEALOUS when they feel threatened. I can tell you that I'm not a jealous person at ALL. Never have been and never will be. But, I have felt it before and I didn't like it. I don't like feeling insecure. I don't really have a lot of advice to disperse on the subject because I have a hard time dealing with people that I feel get jealous of things I do. I'm not saying I'm all that and a bag of chips, but I do know how to spot these people and they always raise a red flag for me because of the lovely job I have. If someone is jealous of you or the successes you have going on in your life, then they obviously don't wish you well. I know that if one of my friends had success and happiness I would be ecstatic for them because I am sure of myself and the life I lead! This can also happen when you have friends with the same interests as you. Like if you work in an advertising company and you've made great friends with a lot of people at work, then you'll basically all be striving for the same things.  I've had friends who have stolen opportunities that were offered to me from under my nose and act like it never happened. I've had people turn their noses up at awards I have received. If I post things on Facebook (yes...ridiculous,but this is a way to spot them!) and everyone and their mother loves my happy news or the fact that I've had a great day except for those same "friends", it's obvious they're not excited for me. Especially when you know these people live on Facebook at home or at the office. lol! You know they saw that post! Haha! Watch out for these people because they'll be the first to make a comment on your status if you've had a bad day. Haha! Obvious much?  I've even fixed my hair in perfect curls for women to run their dirty fingers through it and destroy my curls as they're telling me how beautiful my hair looks! All in all....jealousy is an awkward emotion for both parties. It's awkward for the person feeling it and awkward for the person picking up on the emotion. I personally wouldn't want to tell someone..."Ummm...are you jealous of me or what?" in fear of looking like a conceited asshole and I wouldn't want to tell someone..."Hi! I'm jealous!" because that would be ridiculous. Like I said at the beginning, I will never understand jealousy and why people can't just celebrate one another and their happy lives. This is something that I'm getting better at ignoring as I get older. It's something that still irritates me especially when someone is jealous over things that they have no interest in. That would be like me being jealous of a painter when I have no desire to create art. You know what I mean? Anyways...The only advice I can give is to practice ignoring jealousy like I am and hopefully the older we get the better we'll be at it. Also remember and know that your a little hottie patattie and hold your head up high so you never have to experience that ugly feeling either. Until then...stay positive and happy!

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