Sunday, June 19, 2011

No assholes ALLOWED!

I've said once. I've said it twice. I've said it a MILLION times! Our life is what we allow it to be and become. There are circumstances that we can't control in life at times. I understand that. But, for the most part our life is what we ALLOW it to be. Take relationships for example. I constantly hear women complain about their significant others being mean, abusive, jealous, etc. We live in the day and age where we have choices when it comes to who we would and would not like to be in a romantic relationship with. When I hear woman complain over and over again about the same things their significant other is doing that is hurtful it's hard for me to be sympathetic. I'm not cold hearted by any means, but they are ALLOWING this person to remain in their lives and treat them this way. They are basically giving this person permission to use them as a human punching bag everyday that they remain with this person while all the while feeling unhappy. So...How am I supposed to feel sorry for them? They have a choice to stay or to leave. The same goes for friendships. We've all heard stories about men and women who have slept with their best friends girlfriend or boyfriend, ditch the dude or chick, then remain frenemies. The drama is never ending. Do you know why the drama is never ending? Because these people allow these devious people to remain in their lives. The key word here is ALLOW. We are not forced to be in a relationship of any kind with anyone.  If your friends an asshole all the time and makes you feel like shit day in and day out...ditch them. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly hurting you emotionally or physically...dump their ass! I say this not to be heartless or mean, but life is so short. Why allow your beautiful life and world to be destroyed by negative beings? Never be afraid to hurt someones feelings if you're thinking of cutting them out of your life because they are destructive with your heart. They will eventually get over it and so will you. That horrible feeling of cutting a negative person out of your life will not last forever. Life will be better and you'll make room for the wonderful people that will come into your life later on. I always tell people, "don't let the negativity in your life block the blessings you're receiving." It's like watching a movie or Broadway show with someone standing in front of you the whole time. You're only seeing bits and pieces while being pissed off because someone is in your way. Same applies to my quote above. If you let people stand in your way of this show we call Life, then you'll only get to enjoy bits and pieces of it. If you clear your path for positivity and love then you'll get to see the entire show clearly, get to know the characters, and of course understand the message. Don't ALLOW people to block your blessings and all the lovely messages that God wants to send your way. :)

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